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What A Weirdo

While sitting at a stop light waiting for the that red bulb to go out and the green one to come on, I looked into my rear view mirror. What my eyes beheld was a young lady in the car behind me bobbing her head to music. Based on the rhythm she was keeping, I’m assuming she was listening to music. Either that or she has one heck of a tic.

I checked the light: Still red. Checked the rear view and the head bobbing had turned into a full blown driver seat dance. Hands up, body rocking side to side and head still bobbing. She must really like the song that’s playing. Before I could look away, it happened:

This gal totally cut loose!

She started singing with the song. There were hand motions and side to side movements. If she weren’t sitting in a vehicle one would have thought she was performing on stage. She’d lean forward and then back, singing to the left, singing to the right. If there weren’t a roof on her car I think she would have popped right out of it.

My initial thought was, “What a weirdo.” Then, just a split second later, I had an epiphany:

At least she’s got the guts to be herself. She doesn’t care who, if anybody, is watching. She’s enjoying her music to fullest. Unlike me who, fearful of who may criticize, will stop singing with the radio while stopped at a light.

She’s free!

At that moment, I also came to the conclusion, “Who am I to judge?” There is somebody out there, that to them, I am their weirdo.

(Photo by: Sammie Chaffin on Unsplash)

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2 thoughts on “What A Weirdo”

  1. Gary S. says:

    I love seeing people do stuff like that. Any little gesture that brings a little joy to someone’s day is alright by me (as long as it isn’t vulgar).

    1. Derek says:

      Agreed! When I think back on this it makes me smile.

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