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For the Love of Dogs

If history teaches us anything, it’s that when a society is prosperous, that society quickly becomes unbalanced. As ancient Rome grew, it’s citizens gorged in excess until Rome became obese and complacent. Then, the Roman Empire fell.

Here in the United States, we’re seeing the same kinds of imbalance. People spend tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for a purse. If you don’t believe me, look up Birkin Bags. Coffee is a fashion statement. Food is no longer sustenance for the body but rather an experience. Entertainment must be present at all times.

Excess. Imbalance.

One particularly disturbing occurrence here in the States is pet worship. I see it mostly with dogs. People can’t go anywhere or do anything without their dog. It’s like they will cease to exist without canine company present at all times. Come on, Fluffy! We need to go grocery shopping.


I’ve known people who can’t find a place to rent because of their dog. So they go homeless and would rather live in their car than get rid of the dog. That’s pet worship.

One of the most ignorant trends is somebody referring to their adult child’s pet as their “grand-dog”. It’s the kid’s pet, not their child. The dog is of no relation. It isn’t a family member or a “fur baby”. It’s a dog.

Don’t get me wrong. Pets are good things. My brother has a dog. He loves his dog. His dog is a good boy, yes he is! But when a person chooses their pet over their spouse, that’s pet worship. My brother doesn’t worship his dog.

Dogs do not need hats and sweaters.

Dogs are not carry-ons and don’t belong in a Birkin Bag or any other purse.

Dogs are not more important than your relationships with people.

Dogs are not a status symbol.

Dogs are not our equals.

Dogs are pets.

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