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The Road to Tennessee: Day 3

Monday, August 16 – 2021

Day 3 of what was beginning to feel like our new life began just like Day 2. There was not enough sleep and a lack of good coffee. Fortunately we were able to get showered before bed.

At least we felt semi-human.

Once we checked out of the hotel and gassed up, we hit the road around 12pm. Saying good-bye to Sioux Falls, SD we set our sights on O’Fallon, MO. Just where is O’Fallon, MO? Why, it’s just outside of Saint Louis. Why would we stop there? We chose to stop there because that’s where Tori’s cousins, Steve & Mary live. They offered to let us stay the night and upped their ante with the promise of mostaccioli.

I was certainly looking forward to the conclusion of this part of the trip!

This section of roadway traversed the West end of Iowa into Missouri. Fortunately our route of choice took us around the major cities. After skirting Kansas City, we headed West across the state towards Saint Louis. The lure of family, a good night’s sleep and a home cooked meal kept our spirits up.

Since the roads were more level we averaged about 70 mph on this part of the trip. Plus I was feeling more comfortable behind the wheel of the mini behemoth. As such, I was able to look more at the passing countryside. We are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful land.

As the ending of Leg #3 neared, I was so ready to get out of the truck. Driving that rig really takes it out of you. It’s quite the juggling act to try to keep the thing on the road, disabling and re-enabling 6th gear while attempting to quench a thirst without crashing into something. By the end of the day I’m tired. I’ve never been so busy when trying to drive and I was prepared to be done.

Besides, mostaccioli was calling to me.

We arrived at Steve & Mary’s around 10:30pm. Tori hadn’t seen them in about 15 years and I had never met them. We spent the rest of the evening chatting, telling stories, discussing the Bible and we had mostaccioli (which was delicious!) for supper. To top it off, Mary made chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Aside from the 2 trucks that almost ran Tori off the road, it was a really good day!

Side note: I used the restroom in 3 different states in 1 day. That’s a first for me.

(Photo by: Tori Close)

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