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Some People Are So Rude

Some people are rude. I’m not talking about the ones who don’t hold the door for you or thank you for holding the door for them. Nor am I talking about the person who cut you off in traffic. Those actions are rude, or at least they can appear to be.

People do err, to err is human, and people are human.

What I’m referring to is the internet throng of self-appointed, self-righteous megalomaniacs. Those who think that their view, opinion and thoughts are all that matters. They don’t have a filter and have a severe case of diarrhea of the mouth. Or in the case of social media, the fingers.

I saw a headline about a young mother who subbed out of a Rugby match in order to breast feed her 13-week old daughter. Without reading the article, my first thought was good for her! It was great to see a young mother stopping what she wants to do, what she loves to do, to care for her child. In this world of selfishness, where parents won’t pause their video game to change their child’s soiled diaper, this headline was a breath of fresh air.

Then I saw the comments.

People were being outright hateful. It ranged from comparing this article to winning a medal for a bowel movement to calling women worthless in combat. Some comments were so derogatory that I’m not even going to rewrite a downplayed version.

Why are some people so rude? Did their mom smoke and drink while she was pregnant with them? Are they just so ignorant that they don’t really know what they are saying? Are they jealous because their lives are so mediocre that they don’t have anything better to do?


It’s all over the internet. Anywhere a comment can be posted you’ll find rude. People can’t post their opinion, something that makes them feel good, or anything that is simply nice without a group of trolls mocking them. I’m sure this article will generate some rude comments, too.

So be it.

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