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Social Media

Remember when social media was fun? We created an account and received requests to be friends with old school mates, childhood friends, church friends, that strange dude with the lipstick, and even some acquaintances and friends of friends. We’d chat back and forth to catch up and reminisce.

Then we’d post about our day, what we’re doing or going to do. We might post a pet peeve that occurred. Sometimes our posts would be serious and other times just silly. It was almost like reconnecting with people

Ah, good times.

But it quickly degenerated. For some reason, all of a sudden people were only posting pictures of their food. Nifty. Then came all of the photos of dogs in who knows what kind of outfit that would never occur in nature. People quit posting their own thoughts and just put up memes instead. Now it’s all politics, conspiracy theories and drama, drama, drama.

It’s sad really.

On top of it, a lot of these sites are censoring people and the people don’t care. As an American, that’s a huge red flag. No social media site is going to tell me what I can talk about. I don’t care if my opinion is incorrect. It’s my opinion and my voice and I have a right to speak freely. I certainly do not need some major, self-serving corporation telling me what’s true and what’s false.

I’m ditching #BigTech as much as I can. I’m trying to use social media the way we used to. Sure, I’ll post a political thing here and there, but I also post about every day things. The other day I posted about forgetting a dryer sheet while doing laundry. Certainly not any major news or event but it was real and a tad humorous. It was short, sweet and to the point.

I have left all the major social media sites and have moved to MeWe. Come and join me if you dare.

(Photo by: Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash)

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2 thoughts on “Social Media”

  1. Brian Pierson says:

    In my experience, MeWe is just as bad. There you will mindless rage, profanity, borderline pornography, and all the other symptoms of the dystopian nightmare that is social(ist) media. Recently closed my Gab and MeWe accounts too. On no social media platforms, and I’ve never been better mentally, psychologically, and spiritually.

    1. Derek says:

      My MeWe circle is small and is limited to mostly people I know. I keep hoping more people I know will come over so that we can use social media for being social.

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