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She Gets Me

The other morning I woke up, and as usual, I wanted to stay in bed just a little bit longer. I had already put it off as long as I could, but the workday was calling and I needed to motivate. Plus I had to pee. That is always a great get-out-of-bed incentive.

As with the vast majority of my daily AM routines, this one started off with a shave, shower, teeth cleansing and morning breath removal. After getting dressed I headed downstairs to make the day’s first pot of coffee. I like the first pot of coffee. The aroma of fresh brewed coffee is a pretty good assistant to calibrating the senses.

Once I got to the kitchen, I noticed a foreign object next to the coffee pot. It looked like a little plate of something with a note on it. In an instant, my curiosity piqued and I felt behooved to investigate. So I cautiously made my way closer to the mystery.

One can’t be too careful in the morning.

Upon reaching the display, I saw that it indeed was a little plate, more of a saucer really, with a note on it. The note read: “U CAN HAZ COOKIE! (with a smiley face)” I lifted the note to find 3 chocolate chip cookies nestled snugly beneath some plastic wrap. I could tell that the whole package was put together with thought and care as the plastic wrap was perfectly smooth.

That’s the touch of my wonderful wife!

What can I say? She gets me. I hope I get her, too, but she’s a woman and that woman code is hard to crack. I think I do a pretty good job, but she wins, hands down. She’s loving, caring, kind, empathetic and really thoughtful.

Plus she has a wonderful sense of humor.

“U CAN HAZ COOKIE!” – that just made my day. I started off my day with a smile and very warm fuzzy feeling. Not to mention, I also got a cookie.

There’s something to be said about finding your “soul mate”. This is the one person who loves you inside and out, and that you love in the same way. Above all, this person should get you. I hope you find your person. My person is my spouse; my wife; my bride.

She gets me.

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Musician, Writer, Husband of Miss Tori & Son of the King!

2 thoughts on “She Gets Me”

  1. Gary S. says:

    Ok, I gotta show this to my wife. I need cookie too!

    1. Derek says:

      I hope you get one!

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