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Reading A Good Book

I love to read. As a child, I spent many a Saturday reading books. While eating breakfast I would read every word on the cereal box – including the top and bottom. To this day I don’t know if it was a quest for knowledge or understanding, entertainment or if it was just because I love to read.

As I’ve grown older my ardent reading has waned as I’ve pursued other things. I just didn’t make the time to sit aside for an hour and read. Now, like a lot of Americans, the vast majority of my reading is on the “throne”.

But I digress.

Even with a love of reading, I’ve found very few books that once I’ve finished, I can start reading it again right away. Turn the last page. Close the book. Reflect for a moment and then start over at the beginning. For me, The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien is one of those books. I think I’ve read that one 3 times in a row: Front to back to front to back to front to back. I haven’t done it the The Lord of the Rings even though I enjoy that story just as much. There’s just something about The Hobbit that sucks me in.

Writing this makes me want to read it again.

Recently, I’ve found another book that once I finished, I just had to read again: Living the Braveheart Life by Randall Wallace. It’s insightful, inspiring and eye-opening. Not only do I love the movie, Braveheart, but reading how certain scenes came about is very interesting. It’s amazing where inspiration comes from and Randall writes wonderfully and humbly.

This book isn’t simply a behind the scenes look at Braveheart. Randall relates perspectives and stories, all from his life and experiences, that really make one think. Living the Braveheart Life is about living your life. Not somebody else’s. It about how we are influenced and shaped by those around us and how we do the same. How our lives are more than flesh and bone.

If what I’ve written doesn’t make you curious about picking up a copy of Living the Braveheart Life, maybe Bob from Afghanistan and The Boogie-man will. Hint: You’ll have to read the book to find out more about them.

My wife gave me this book last Christmas. She gave me a few others, too, but this one grabbed my attention. I knew it had to be savored. I read the other books first, knowing that this one would be the crown jewel.

And I was right!

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