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Mental Warfare

Believe it or not, there is a war waging for your mind. If a group can convince you that their narrative is the correct way, then they’ve got you in their camp. That’s one more soldier for their army.

Unfortunately, those who are striving for control will do or say whatever it takes to get recruits. They’ll lie, cheat and steal their way into dominance. Those who don’t guard their minds can get sucked in and follow blindly like sheep.

That’s the reason we are referred to as sheep in the Bible. Most people like to be lead and feel like they are a part of something – even those who think they are rebels against authority. I’ve talked to many a “free thinker” who just regurgitate their party’s manifesto.

In my opinion, the greatest, undeniable event in history that proves this theory is World War II. The Nazis gained control of Germany and convinced the nation that they were being oppressed and promised the people prosperity. The people wanted prosperity so Germany went on a conquering spree. Wherever they went, the Nazis imprisoned those who opposed them and systematically went about eliminating the “threat”.

From my understanding, a lot of the German people didn’t know what was going on in the concentration camps. On the other hand, a lot of them did. Some of those who knew it, bought the propaganda and willingly participated in the foray. Some who knew it didn’t stand up, rather they sat on the sidelines and watched it happen. Some who knew it, stood up in outright defiance and found themselves in the concentration camps, too. Others who knew it fought back quietly by “underground” means.

Let’s jump back to the present, shall we?

Several years ago I was watching the news. There were 2 stories told back to back. The first story was about how a man was killed by a gun. The very next story was about how a man killed another man with a knife. So one man was killed by a gun and the other man was killed by a man with a knife.

The takeaway that sticks in the subconscious is that guns kill people. Mental warfare.

The media is very adept at spinning stories to suit their agenda. They will report on a subject using positive verbiage for one group while using negative connotations for the other. Both sides are doing the exact same thing but Group A is good, while Group B is bad.


A doctor performing an abortion isn’t a murderer because it’s not a baby. It’s just a blob of cells. Yet if someone kills a pregnant woman, that person is a murderer and gets charged with double homicide because the baby died, too. Killed by Group A, good. Killed by Group B, bad.

Mental Warfare.

(Image Source: Christopher Ott on Unsplash)

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