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I originally wrote this article almost a year ago, but in light of what continues to transpire in this world, I decided that it is something that continues to need to be said.

Rich or poor. Short and fat or tall and thin. Eyes that are light or dark, round or almond shaped. Hair the color of gold, black as night, or fiery red. Skin that ranges from the lightest of pink to the darkest of brown, and everything in between. Each of us are created uniquely.

I have no pride in my race, but neither am I ashamed. If I have no pride, yet I have no shame, what does that leave? Simple; I am just me. Isn’t that the way we all should be?

Why can’t you just let me be … a human being? Part of the melting pot that our nation is built upon. The person that God designed each and every one of us to be?

We didn’t choose our race, our hair color, or any other physical characteristic. How can we have pride – or shame – in something that none of us even had control over in the first place? God created us, every single one of us, in His image. He does not make mistakes.

Why do we, as human beings, try to separate ourselves into class or race? Are we not all trying to live our best lives, to fulfill our dreams and be able to look back when we are aged and think, “Wow, what a life I’ve lived!”?

Why do we fight amongst ourselves?

The term “white power” disgusts me.
The term “black power” disgusts me.
The term “heil Hitler” disgusts me.

Each one of these terms are racist, pure and simple. There is no such thing as “reverse racism“. Racism is simply racism, regardless of which race you come from. It is a matter of thinking that your race is supreme, or better than the race of another human being. Sadly, racism permeates the world, from people of all races. It needs to stop.

Why do I have to have a label? Why do you have to have a label?
Why do any of us have to feel pride or shame in our race?
Why does there have to be this divide between us?

So again I ask you; why can’t you just let me be … a human being?
That’s how I see you.

“For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well.” ~ Psalm 139:13-14

Please, let’s love one another.

(Photo by: Ilona Panych on Unsplash)

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