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In Search of Good Coffee: The 2nd Cup

While Tori and I both enjoy a large double or triple shot mocha, we don’t frequent coffee shops or espresso stands that often. We prefer our plain old home brewed joe. It’s not super sweet and it doesn’t break the bank.

So when we were on vacation, we ran to the grocery store and picked up some sugar, our preferred creamer and a can of coffee that closely resembled that which we have at home. Content with our choices, we drove back to the rental all prepared to brew our own coffee.

And there was much pre-rejoicing.

Eager to get a fresh cup, we set straight to work unpacking our small load of groceries and preparing Mr. Coffee for his work. Once all was in place, the power button was pushed, and shortly thereafter were the sounds of water percolating, filter basket draining into pot and the aroma of fresh coffee.


Once the brewing was complete, we eagerly poured the fresh, hot, dark liquid into our cups. We added the sugar. We spooned in the creamer. Gave the elixir a swirl and prepared for our first sip. Oh, the anticipation.

It was gross. Not really gross as in gag-me-foul, but it wasn’t good and certainly not tolerable.

We figured that since the water out of the tap had a metallic/chlorine flavor, that which we aren’t used to back home, it could have negatively affected the outcome. So we brewed another pot using bottled water.

Ew. Either there was something in the pot or the coffee itself was just on this side of snasty.

Growing weary with the super sweet fancy coffee and the expense to go with it, we started looking for alternatives. We found a Dunkin Donuts just a little down the road from us. We’ve heard their coffee is supposed to be good. It was with that hope that we drove down there and purchased two extra large black coffees. We took our newfound cups of potential bliss back to our rental and added our own cream and sugar.

Oh, the joy!

We found our coffee for the rest of our stay! Sure it was a bit more than we wanted to spend on a cup of coffee but it was cheaper than the fancy drinks. And it was a million times better than what we brewed.

If I’m ever out and just need a cup of coffee, if possible, Dunkin Donuts will be the spot!

(Photo by Zheka Boychenko on Unsplash)

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