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Gun Control Part II – The 2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment isn’t about hunting. It never has been and never will be. It’s about enabling the people of the United States of America to defy and destroy the machines of oppression and tyranny. If a foreign invader comes to take them over, the people can fight back. If they are attacked from within, the people can fight back. If the government decides to oppress them, the people can fight back.

There’s only one reason for a government to disarm its citizens: Oppressive control.

If the citizens are unarmed, the government can tell them to do whatever the government wants. What are the citizens going to do? Unless they have the military on their side, absolutely nothing. An oppressive government doesn’t have any qualms about silencing their loudmouthed trouble-makers. If the military won’t back them, then they’ll create their own “security force”, which will be armed.

History shows it to be true.

We need a new amendment. This amendment would stipulate that any politician and/or lawmaker who suggests creating a law that goes against the constitution, would immediately be removed from office and they wouldn’t be able to run for office again. You go against the constitution, you aren’t fit to hold office.

How’s that for a boomstick?

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