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Forever is a very long time. In fact, it’s a continuance without end. It goes on an on, ad infinitum. In our minds, we know that our time is limited. Everything we’ve seen in our universe has a beginning and an end, which is why pondering the infinite tends to fry our finite brains.

Knowing this, we still say things like: I could (eat, sleep, do this, etc.) forever.

If we know time is limited, and nothing that we can see or touch really lasts forever, then why do we put limitless boundaries on things that we know will come to and end? Is it merely a gross exaggeration to drive home the point of how much we like, enjoy or love something? Or is there more to it?

If we know our physical bodies will die, then why do we “feel like” forever? It is because eternity is at our core. Solomon, in all of his wisdom states that God has set eternity into the heart of man. Since that is the case, forever is built into us. This means that at our core, we know that we are eternal beings. It is our soul, which will go on forever. It’s eternal because it is created in the likeness of God, to have a relationship with God, who is timeless.

Mankind’s relationship with God has been broken due to sin. Sin is what separates us from Him, which is why His son, Jesus, allowed himself to be crucified as the one and ultimate sacrifice to redeem us. His sacrifice allows us to be reconciled to God, and we get to spend eternity with Him.

Forever is a very long time. Would you rather spend that time with God, or all alone?

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