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COVID-19 Vaccine

With all of the class action suits against pharmaceutical companies, I don’t understand why anyone would voluntarily get a COVID-19 vaccine. COVID-19’s genetic sequence was published in January of 2020. So, less than a year later, they start pushing vaccines on the people?

Here, guinea piggy, piggy!

Me: “Hey, Mr. Witch Doctor, what are the long term effects?”

Mr. Witch Doctor: “We don’t know.”

Me: “What are the results of your long term study?”

Mr. Witch Doctor: “There aren’t any.”

Me: “Well then, dang shoot! Sign me up!”

What’s more puzzling is that even after one gets vaccinated, they still have to wear a mask and social distance. Which again brings up the questions: If masks work, why social distance? If social distancing works, why wear a mask? If they both work, why do we need a vaccine? If the vaccine works why wear a mask and social distance?

Answer: None of it works. So let’s quit fear mongering and get on with our lives.

Another thing that boggles the mind is the pigeonholing of people who do not wish have the C-19 vaccine. The government says that those who are against the vaccine are pro-Trump and evangelical Christians. Personally, I didn’t want to get the vaccine when Trump was president and I still don’t with Biden. The Presidency may have changed political party hands, but my mind hasn’t changed on whether or not to get vaccinated.

It’s still nope!

What does being a believer in Jesus have to do with it? Absolutely nothing! Neither my belief in God nor my relationship with Jesus Christ have anything to do with me not wanting an untested, man-made chemical injected into my body.


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