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“C” is for Cookie

Oracle : Here, take a cookie..I promise, by the time you’re done eating it, you’ll feel right as rain.  –From The Matrix

From Oreos to Tori’s homemade snickerdoodles, cookies are rife with delight. So many varieties. So many flavors. So many shapes, sizes, colors… It can boggle the senses! Chocolate chip, nuts, raisins, oatmeal, oatmeal/chocolate chip, peanut butter, with milk, frosted on the inside, frosted on the outside, ice cream in the middle, I could type all day!

Cookies can be used in a wide selection of scenarios, too. They can be served at weddings, funerals and after church. If you go visit somebody, chances are they’ll bring out a plate of them. Potlucks usually have lots of cookies!

They just may be the great social equalizer.

From small children to elderly adults, who can say no to a cookie? Nobody that I know of. What is it about a round, crunchy or chewy puck of flavor that make us feel right as rain? I don’t know that either. I do know that most cookies are wonderful. And there are some that aren’t so wonderful. (There’s nothing as disappointing as taking a bite of a foul cookie.)

Who doesn’t like to come home and upon opening the front door, find themselves caressed by the uplifting aroma of fresh baked cookies? You just took a deep breath hoping for just a hint of the smell, didn’t you? I did. Once that sweet scent fills your nostrils, the next hope is for a warm, soft, chewy cookie.

Sometimes you find that the pleasant fragrance is actually a scented candle. The nose smells, the brain reacts, the tummy wants. You go to the kitchen to find a treasure of goodness. What do you see? A candle. The heart sinks. The day, ruined. Smelling cookies and being denied having at least one is almost as disappointing as a foul cookie. But not quite.

Sugar cookies, butter cookies, cookies made by elves, coconut macaroons, depression cookies, so many cookies, so little time!

No matter where you are, or your current mood, a cookie can accompany you like an old friend. If you’re sad, have a cookie. If you’re happy, have a cookie. If you just want a snack, have a cookie.

If you liked this article, have a cookie!

(Photo by: Tori Close)

Published by Derek

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4 thoughts on ““C” is for Cookie”

  1. Gary S. says:

    Yum, this really makes me want a cookie or two (or 6).

    1. Derek says:

      I could go for a cookie or 6… Or just one, humongous cookie.

  2. Barrie says:

    This site uses cookies.

    1. Derek says:

      They certainly aren’t the nummy kind.

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