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God Is Close To The Brokenhearted

I am reposting this due to high demand that I didn’t realize was there … until I removed it.
What can I say? It’s timeless – just like God’s love!

It doesn’t matter what your situation is. It doesn’t matter how old you are. God is always close to the brokenhearted, and He is always here to love and comfort us. Nothing reminds me of this more than a phone call a young boy named Logan made to a Christian radio station in October of 2007.

Dubbed “Logan, the Sky Angel Cowboy”, this young man showed his heart to the world and in return, the love of God. His situation was unique (at least to most), but even in his time of heartbreak, he heard God speak to him. Take a listen:

Logan Henderson is an adult now, and it seems as if he is still working on his family’s ranch. (Henderson’s Dry Box Performance Horses) I know that this video was made years ago, but I also know that God is still there, still loving him.

Still loving me.

Still loving you!

Thanks Logan, for the reminder that we all need to hear; God is always there – just run to Him.

(Photo by Emre COBAN on Unsplash)

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